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« Why pay for 2 providers when I can get more reliable internet with CRINCI? »

Find out more about our Dedicated Connection and Symmetrical Internet

Our Network is the Most Reliable in Costa Rica

Here, many people get internet service from 2 providers to have redundancy or a backup option because the quality of these networks is not reliable. This means they have to deal with creating a redundancy network at home, change wifi access when one is down, deal with pesky power outages, and then your conference video call gets interrupted anyway! This also means dealing with 2 different bills each month, adding up on administration.

For many people and businesses, having no Internet connection for hours or even minutes can be disastrous.

Why have all this trouble when CRINCI does all the legwork for you?

Technology CRINCI

At CRINCI we designed our network with multiple backup sources to create redundancy BEFORE it gets to your house or business. We also implement backup batteries, solar panels and generators at all strategic steps on our network to maintain a stable bandwidth. We use backup battery packs at all client locations.

We proactively monitor realtime performance 24/7 to ensure we identify any issues and deploy real-time corrective action.

Technology CRINCI

With CRINCI you don’t need 2 internet providers. Our military grade network design offers the most reliable high-speed internet in Costa Rica.

Live the difference with CRINCI. Enjoy the Fast & Reliable Internet that gives you Peace of Mind.

Connect Now with our Support Team and get a Free Technical Assessment at your location.

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What is a Dedicated Internet Connection
and Symmetrical Internet


A Dedicated Internet Connection has a fixed bandwidth between two points available 24/7 for each clients on the network.

Most internet providers today use a broadband service, such as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). A major difference between broadband and a dedicated connection, is that a broadband service is typically shared amongst other clients connected to the same local communications exchange, in a « best-effort » service which does not guarantee any constant data service. In comparison a Dedicated Connection offer a private network that’s reserved only for you. This means if you purchase 25 Mbps you will receive 25 Mbps of bandwidth 99.99% of the time.

The Symmetrical Internet means that bandwidth speeds are equal and consistent in both directions, and the network is available 24 hours a day with no slow-down during peak times.


You cannot compare Bananas to Mangos!


Why our prices might seem higher per Mbps than normal cable internet providers?

The normal cable internet providers will sell you 200 Mbps for cheap, but you will almost never get this speed delivered to you since their bandwidth is shared amongst many other clients around you. More clients at the same time on the shared internet results in lower bandwidth for everyone.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Dedicated Internet Connection provided by CRINCI will result in increased reliability and faster connectivity because you don’t share bandwidth with other clients. This is why you don’t need as much MegaBits per Seconds to enjoy a better and faster internet. You always get the speed you pay for!


Select a router that suits your connection needs.

Nowadays, it seems that everything connects to the Internet in some way.
From computers, smartphones to baby monitors and security cameras. All of these devices in your home or office share your bandwidth. And every device on your network drops its bandwidth a fraction, especially over WiFi.

Think of it like the traffic on the freeway. During peak hours, when there is a lot of traffic, cars travel slower than usual. Your internet connection is the same. Congestion can occur when everyone in your home or office accesses the Internet at the same time.

Technology CRINCI

Basic wifi router

Ideal for your basic internet needs and few devices. Includes technical support.



Medium Wifi Router

Better coverage and can handle more connected devices than BASIC WIFI ROUTER. Includes technical support.



Long Range Wifi Router

Better coverage and can handle more connected devices than MEDIUM WIFI ROUTER and with the option of remote technical support.



Router Manageable Edge

Ideal for companies or clients who want to control internet access and block sites or applications. It includes technical support. It is noted that it is not a wireless router. It is used with BASIC WIFI ROUTER or MEDIUM WIFI ROUTER or LONG RANGE WIFI ROUTER.




Ideal for customers who need more than one Wi-Fi router.



Not sure which router is right for your internet connection needs? Our support team can help!


Internet Speed Test

Test your current internet speed


Let us build the right solution for you.

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I have various homes in the San Juanillo area with Crinci service. I’m very happy with their service and technical support. I had an incident once where a I lost service and they responded very quickly and restored the service in the evening. I would recommend Crinci anytime!!!

Stevie Vonder Haar

Highly recommended! You guys installed fiber option internet service on my land. In the middle of nowhere! You did an excellent job, and your guys really care. I am happy I chose your company. Thank you again, brother. Much success. ♥

Shlomo Eizencot

Thanks for the battery backup feature! Finally, I don't have to get kicked out of my zoom meetings every time the power goes out. And my clients, thank you too! haha 🙂

G. Petrov

Well done guys! Yes I would recommend your service.

Marcus B.

Thank you for the support and for helping me choose the right router and internet package for my home office. The connection has been reliable and fast, even when my kids stream videos in the other room. Gracias!


Gracias Angela. La instalación fue rápida y la velocidad de Internet es excelente.


You guys rock! Thanks for helping my parents with their internet setup. I can't visit them in Costa Rica any time soon but at least we can now have video calls and they can reach me even if there are power outages. Much love from Canada 👍👍👍

Derek K.

I love CRINCI's highspeed internet. How they got me fast internet in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica really impressed me. The best part was when the power went out, my internet stayed up for as long as my laptop, about 2 hours. Reliable internet in Costa Rica, I didn't think it was possible.