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For you it means Staying Connected with your clients or remote business management.
Staying Connected to the Internet even when the power goes out.
Staying Connected with our local support people when necessary.

This is our commitment to you!

The Most RELIABLE High Speed Internet
Provider in Costa Rica.

Each business is unique and connectivity solutions must be properly aligned to support your activities seamlessly.

At CRINCI we design and customize your network based on your needs and the ones of your clients using tailor-made solutions.

Then our local service team stays connected to support your network 24/7 and we stay available as your needs evolve.

Ask now for a Free Assessment at your location by our specialists.

developers CRINCI

Discover what CRINCI Reliable Internet really means

Unlimited Download

Our Flexible Plan Offering comes with unlimited data.
We offer basic to ultra fast bandwidth plans to service all customers needs.

Dedicated Connection & Symmetrical Internet

Get the speed you pay for all the time.
Same speed for download & upload.
Our network is designed to deliver true bandwidth to each customer.

Solar & Battery Backup Network

Our backup batteries can handle those pesky power outages.

Free On-Site Assessment

Inspection of your location free of charge and no obligation.
Located in Guanacaste, we are members of the local community.

Local Support Service

We do complete installation.
This means our Local Team makes sure all areas at your location are efficiently covered by wifi signal.

Advanced Technology

Hybrid Fiber Optic with multiple backup network design.
Our backup redundancy High Speed Internet connections can keep you connected all the time even when storms or animals cut the wire.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Our proactive realtime performance monitoring ensures we identify any issues and deploy real-time corrective action.

Easy Online Payment

My Crinci Client Portal gives you instant access
to your Profile, Billings and Online Payment

No More Interrupted Video Calls or Transactions

Solutions for Residential Communities &
Real Estate Developers

CRINCI provides last-mile High-Speed Internet Solutions for
Real Estate Developers, Residential Expat Communities and
Local Small Town Communities in Costa Rica.
Our Team will assess your project and deliver a
Customized Infrastructure design plan.
Using Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable and point-to-point Wireless
we have all options available to be aligned with your needs.

Infrastructure Design

Our technicians install the infrastructure and support each house and point of service.

We enable our customers to Stay Connected with an engineered blend of state-of-the-art technology.

Infrastructure Design

We have the Solutions and the Flexibility to develop your project
and bring your Internet Access to Another Level.

Our Technology is Strong, we Service Locally and we offer you Peace of Mind.


Let us build the right solution for you.

Sales Line 24/7

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I have various homes in the San Juanillo area with Crinci service. I’m very happy with their service and technical support. I had an incident once where a I lost service and they responded very quickly and restored the service in the evening. I would recommend Crinci anytime!!!

Stevie Vonder Haar

Highly recommended! You guys installed fiber option internet service on my land. In the middle of nowhere! You did an excellent job, and your guys really care. I am happy I chose your company. Thank you again, brother. Much success. ♥

Shlomo Eizencot

Thanks for the battery backup feature! Finally, I don't have to get kicked out of my zoom meetings every time the power goes out. And my clients, thank you too! haha 🙂

G. Petrov

Well done guys! Yes I would recommend your service.

Marcus B.

Thank you for the support and for helping me choose the right router and internet package for my home office. The connection has been reliable and fast, even when my kids stream videos in the other room. Gracias!


Gracias Angela. La instalación fue rápida y la velocidad de Internet es excelente.


You guys rock! Thanks for helping my parents with their internet setup. I can't visit them in Costa Rica any time soon but at least we can now have video calls and they can reach me even if there are power outages. Much love from Canada 👍👍👍

Derek K.

I love CRINCI's highspeed internet. How they got me fast internet in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica really impressed me. The best part was when the power went out, my internet stayed up for as long as my laptop, about 2 hours. Reliable internet in Costa Rica, I didn't think it was possible.