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COSTA RICA INTERNATIONAL NETWORK CONSULTING INC., Hereinafter known as CRINCI, provides the CLIENT with “THE EQUIPMENT” necessary for the use and enjoyment of the services provided. These are delivered temporarily and free of charge as a deposit, for the duration established in the adhesion contract, which is previously signed in order to deliver it.

It is understood by EQUIPMENT” (Basic Wi-Fi Router, Medium Wi-Fi Router, Long-Range Wi-Fi Router, Manageable Edge Router, Switch 8 ports POE) These equipment have a value of: $ 150.00 (One hundred and fifty US dollars).


The “CUSTOMER” receives the equipment as a deposit and loan, however, in the event of early termination of the contract, the amount of: $ 250.00 (Two hundred and fifty US dollars) must be canceled for the concept of uninstallation.


The equipment delivered in deposit and loan, may only be used for the reception of the audio, video and data signals that CRINCI sells, through the CRINCI signal, at the address indicated by the “CLIENT” and he/she understands and accepts that CRINCI is not responsible for the actions or consequences derived from the erroneous manipulation of the “EQUIPMENT“, which are carried out by third parties.


In the event that the “EQUIPMENT” is stolen, or has been the subject of an accident, the “CLIENT” must immediately notify CRINCI and must present the complaint filed with the authorities within a maximum period of 5 DAYS. Competent courts, in order to be exempt from the payment of the “EQUIPMENT” and in addition to the cost of re – installation of the new “EQUIPMENT“.

In case of damage, whether due to mishandling and any other eventuality that occurs to the equipment by the “CLIENT” or by third parties, the amount of the “EQUIPMENT” will be billed to the « CLIENT“.


At the time of termination of the contract, the “CLIENT” must return the “EQUIPMENT” in perfect condition. Without the deterioration due to its habitual use being considered as damage. As at the time when the contract is terminated in advance. CRINCI will deliver a PROOF OF DELIVERY, which must be attached by the “CLIENT” so that the contract can be effectively closed.


In the event that the “EQUIPMENT” is not returned, CRINCI reserves the right to continue billing for regular services, for a period of up to 12 MONTHS, maximum.


Of the obligations of the “CLIENT” in relation to the “EQUIPMENT“: a) Receive the equipment as a deposit, which is why the “CLIENT” becomes the depository of the “EQUIPMENT” and undertakes to use it properly , to guarantee its optimal operation and care. b) Make a rational use of the equipment and use it for lawful purposes. c) Return the equipment to CRINCI in the following cases: i) When requested, ii) In case of termination of the contract. iii) When the equipment must be replaced for technical reasons. IN THESE CASES, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL BE GENERATED.


The “CLIENT” expressly authorizes CRINCI, in case of destruction, theft, loss, theft, damage, total or partial breakdown of the “EQUIPMENT“, to charge the total cost of the same and / or its accessories, to the service invoice hired, in the upcoming month immediately of the event.


CRINCI” reserves the right to use the financial platform of its convenience so that the corresponding payments of its billing are made, for which in this case BAC CREDOMATIC DE COSTA RICA is designated, who will make available to the “CLIENT” the corresponding tools. “CRINCI” will be the one who, prior study, will directly indicate to BAC CREDOMATIC DE COSTA RICA the cases in which money refunds must be carried out to the “CLIENT“.